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Catalina Community Meeting Minutes
Catalina Regional Park News and Info

The articles below are posted with the latest first.  I leave many of them up for first time readers and new residents.

posted August 19, 2012

Catalina Regional Park Update

There's currently a drive throughout the community and on the internet to get enough signatures to convince Pima County to restore the funding to the park.  All pertinent information is posted at:

posted April 8, 2012
Oracle Road Improvements/Construction

ADOT is hosting a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, April 18, from 6-7:30PM at the Cornado K-8 School in the Small Gym.  To keep informed of the plans and progress of the project, visit the website:

Posted November 8, 2011
Catalina Rezoning Proposed and Withdrawn in 2009 (Arber Ridge) 
Is Being Pursued Again as
"The Village at Vistoso Catalina"

There will be a public meeting at which the developers will present the information about this proposed rezoning and development on
Tuesday, November 22, at 7PM
at the Golder Ranch Fire Station Middle Classroom
3885 E. Golder Ranch
Community responses to this rezoning may be emailed to Supervisor Day's office up until November 29:

Information from community meetings back in 2009 can be found at:

The new notices are posted below.

Click here to view documents and information submitted by the developer.

Click here to view the rezoning request.

Click here to view the County planning and zoning notice.

posted September 11, 2010
Catalina History

I've just put up the first few pages of a little history website I've been working on.  I plan on enlarging it as time permits.  Take a peek at:

posted September 11, 2010
New Development South of
Golder Ranch Road

Many of you have seen the new road being created across from the fire station on Golder Ranch Road.  Here's the story:
The property, 16 lots on 17.47 acres,  is being developed at its current zoning, GR-1, so notification to abutters was not required. 
The grading and paving plans were signed on 11-04-09 and are still valid.
Some of the properties will ingress/egress through Black Horse Ranch.
The tentative plat, signed 10-1-09, shows the subdivision named, "Yolanda Acres". With the final plat, not yet unapproved, the name will most likely be changed to "Yolanda Oasis".
One of the principals listed as a "Title Benificiary" is Chris Sheafe of Black Horse Advisors.
The link below will download the tentative plat.

Click here to view the tentative plat.

posted March 8, 2010
Graffiti Abatement and Removal in Catalina

Over the last few months there has been a marked increase in graffiti around Catalina.  Many road signs have been defaced with "tagging", so I've had a few inquiries to the site about resources to get it removed.

Contact the Pima County Graffiti Abatement Program with the location of any graffiti on Pima County signage and they will come out and either clean it up or replace the signs.  Their phone number is:  (520) 792-8224.  

posted February 19, 2010
Free Spay/Neuter for Pets of Catalina Residents

Pima County has awarded over $200,000 to The Animal Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona (AWASA) to provide FREE pet spay/neuter services to residents of targetted areas of Pima County.  Catalina is one of these areas, therefore there are no financial guidelines to qualify.  The funds under this "Pet Fix" program are being distributed to a number of clinics in increments, so if the slots are filled when you call for an appointment, keep checking with each of the listed clinics.

Here's the webpage with the participating clinics:

posted October 25, 2009
Pima County Home Repair and Weatherization Assistance Programs for Low-Income Residents
For applications for, and assistance with, either of these programs, contact Elizabeth Andersen at (520) 825-0009

I've been doing my best to get the word out about a couple of wonderful programs offered through Pima County to low-income residents.  One is for home repairs such as roofs, the second is for weatherization to reduce utility bills.  These are "grants", not loans, and are funded through federal, state, and private sources. 

If you, or someone you know, falls within the income limits posted below please check out the County's webpage at:
http://www.pima.gov/CED/CDNC/CRD/HomeRepair.html for more information and downloadable applications. 
Roof Repair Programs, Heating & Cooling Program,
Major Systems Repair Program, and Septic Program
1 Person $20,150
2 Persons 23,000
3 Persons 25,900
4 Persons 28,750
5 Persons 31,050
6 Persons 33,350
7 Persons 35,650
8 Persons 37,950
Weatherization Program
1 Person $21,660
2 Persons 29,140
3 Persons 36,620
4 Persons 44,100
5 Persons 51,580
6 Persons 59,060
7 Persons 66,540
8 Persons 74,020

posted August 16,2009
A New On-line Catalina Business Guide

Congratulations and thanks go out to Catalina resident, Loree Dinsmore, for compiling a comprehensive on-line guide to Catalina businesses and other resources.  Check out her ever-evolving website at:

PRO Neighborhoods - People, Resources, Organizations in Support of Neighborhoods
PRO Neighborhoods is an organization dedicated to supporting grassroots neighborhood groups in Tucson and Pima County. PRO Neighborhoods believes in local leadership, volunteerism, and the ability of communities to create change from within. PRO Neighborhoods helps residents develop skills to make valuable connections with local resources. We support neighborhood improvements through workshops, funding and consultations. Our ultimate goal is that everywhere you go in Pima County, neighbors are helping neighbors, diversity is celebrated, and people care about where they live. 

PRO Neighborhoods provides grants ranging from $500 to $5,000. Grants are available to neighborhood groups of five or more committed people who have developed an idea for an improvement project. Grants are awarded three times a year. For grant guidelines and the pre-application form visit our website at www.proneighborhoods.org or call us at 520-882-5885.

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